Our Boarding Services

Our roomy, comfy air conditioned and heated kennels

Our roomy, comfy air conditioned and heated kennels


Our Staff takes pride in the clean, well maintained kennel and cattery. The inside runs are air conditioned in the summer and warmed with radiantly heated floors in the winter or your pet’s comfort. The cattery is located in a separate heated and air conditioned building with windows for most units. Other small critters and birds are welcome.

  • Our rates are reasonable with discounts for long stays
  • Experienced staff to care for all pets
  • For your protection all boarders must have the necessary immunizations
  • Condo and duplex suites are available

Remember… a kennel is NOT “crating” a pet.

For your pet’s safety and comfort:

  • Fire and smoke alarms in all buildings
  • Perimeter fencing around the kennels
  • Personnel on the premises 24 hours
  • Vet services are available
  • Licensed and Inspected by the Missouri Department of Agriculture
  • Charter member of The American Boarding Kennels Association
  • Spacious play yards
  • Medication administered as per instructions



Pampered Plans

  • Recess: Free to run in the spacious yards for 15 minutes.
  • Pooch Best Friend Recess: Play ball, frisbee, walk on leash, enjoy the outdoors with a staff member for 15 minutes.
  • Cat Best Friend Recess: Tree climbing, brush and pet from staff member for 15 minutes.
  • Breakfast in Bed: A little egg, toast and bacon bits in the morning.
  • Busy Bone: Peanut butter filled bone or Kong.
  • Happy Hour: Some low fat yogurt in a cone before bed.



We will provide door to door service from your home to the kennel and back. If you want to reduce the cost of this service you can drop off your pet at 8082 Watson Road at our Mrs. Anderson’s grooming shop and get round trip service from there.



Complete grooming services for dogs and cats are available while your pet is boarding or better yet on the day he checks out so he’ll be at his best for the grand homecoming. Nail clipping at no charge with a bath. We’d be glad to quote you a price when you drop off your pet. Grooming on a daily basis is available for non-boarders.



New Daily Boarding Rates - Effective November 15, 2022
Small-Medium (49 lbs and under)$25.00/day
Medium-Large (50 lbs - 129 lbs)$27.00/day
Extra Large (over 130 lbs)$30.00/day
Feline/Exotics$16.00/day (flat rate)
Additional Feeding$1.00
Medicine (oral)$1.00
Medicine (injections)$3.50 each
Breakfast-in-Bed$3.00 each or 2 for $5
Busy Bone (peanut butter filled bone or Kong)$3.00 each or 2 for $5
Happy Hour$3.00 each or 2 for $5
Recess (solo)$4.00/15 minutes
Recess (best friend)$7.00 each/15 minutes
Recess for Cats (best friend)$7.00 each/15 minutes
Groomingvaries by breed
Pickup & delivery available by zip code. Please call for pricing.


  • All blankets/towels/bedding/etc must be standard machine-washable
  • If you bring your pet’s food, please bag and label: “AM/PM” /per meal