Boarding FAQs


Accompany your pet to his new “home away from home” when you drop them off.

1. Do you provide veterinarian services?

No. Only healthy pets are allowed at our facility.  We have local vets that we use if a pet needs attention while staying with us.  We also transport pets to their regular vet if needed.

2. Can I see exactly where my pet will stay?

ABSOLUTELY! This has been a common complaint from our first time customers who have used other boarding services in the past.  They say they do not feel comfortable not being allowed to go with their pets to their rooms.  We’ve always wondered who wouldn’t insist on seeing where their pets will be and what they are paying for?  We are happy to allow our customers to accompany their pets to their rooms to see their pet’s new “home away from home.”

3. Will my dog be able to go in and out all day since your kennels are indoor/outdoor?

Good question.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall the doors are usually going to be up and open all day so they can go in and out as they please.  The door are opened in the morning after the cleaning is done.  Dogs are always inside overnight.

Our cattery in in a comfortable quiet climate controlled building.

Our cattery in in a comfortable quiet climate controlled building.

4. Will my cat hear or see dogs while boarding?

No.  Cat boarding is totally separated from the dog boarding area and in a climate controlled building.  Dogs are at the other end of our property out of hearing distance from our cattery.

5. Can I send my pets vaccinations ahead of time?

Yes! Please email or fax and include the pets name, owners last name and boarding dates. We will reply with a confirmation if we received them.

6. Do I need to bring food bowls and water dishes?

No need, unless they utilize a slow feeding device.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to limited washing machine space, we cannot accept large blankets, quilts, pillows, or pet beds. Please only send towels, beach towels and baby blankets. Thanks!