Remembering Your Pet

Pet Cemetery at Nancy Crane's Family Pet Care

Pet Cemetery at Nancy Crane’s Family Pet Care

At Nancy Crane’s Family Pet Care we understand that your beloved pet is a significant member of your family, and it is our primary objective to ease the pain of your loss when the time comes. Our support in the selection of an appropriate final resting place for your pet will assist and comfort you in this difficult period.

As our beloved pets reach their senior years, it is beneficial in knowing the options Nancy Crane’s has available. Pre-need arrangements for those who wish to purchase a burial site before their faithful friends pass away are available.  We are not currently offering pet burial services.  We hope to offer burial services again in the future.  Please check back or call to inquire.


Burial supplies at Nancy Crane's Family Pet Care

Burial supplies at Nancy Crane’s Family Pet Care


Burial Supplies

We offer lovely inexpensive, non-biodegradable, self-vaulting pet containers to safe guard your pet’s remains, stone monuments, statuary, and grave markers for private or cemetery burial.





Garden Markers & Granite Stone

Hundreds of Shapes & Sizes Are Available. Monuments and headstones of the finest granite are also available.






Cremation is becoming a popular choice for pet owners. See us for your cremation needs. Cremains may be placed in our photo burial urn and buried in our memory cemetery, scattered in the garden, or kept at home in a lovely, decorative urn. We have a large selection of beautiful urns to choose from.




We have a large selection of beautiful urns and other memorial items.

Our beautiful Pet Cemetery grounds

Our beautiful Pet Cemetery grounds

In Remembrance

One way to soften the impact of your loss is to commemorate your pet’s memory. A silver plaque with your personal message, along with an engraved metal photograph may be placed on the Memory Fence. This may add closure to the grieving process and provide a place for you or others to visit and remember. This final act of kindness will give you peace of mind, knowing you were as loyal to him as he was to you.