PCSA Code of Ethics


The Global Resource for Pet Care Facilities


All PCSA members subscribe to and are governed by the following Code of Ethics. The PCSA Ethics Committee enforces this code and encourages inquiries should these standards not be met by a member.

As a member of PCSA, I recognize that, in order to fulfill my obligations to the animals in my care, to my customers, to the pet care services industry and to my community, both my business and my personal life must be governed by honorable standards… Therefore I solemnly pledge:

  1. To provide conscientious care for the animals entrusted to me, being constantly attentive to their security, safety, and well-being, and to place their welfare above all other business considerations.
  2. To take every opportunity to learn more about my profession and to improve my services.
  3. To deal honestly and fairly with the public, and to avoid misrepresentation of my services.
  4. To respect the confidence of every customer served.
  5. To place service to my customers and to the pet care services industry above personal gain.
  6. To avoid unfair competitive practices, any slander or defamation of my competitors, and actions or business practices which would result in dishonor upon or distrust of my competitors or of the pet care services industry in general.
  7. To support my association, its policies and programs, and to participate as fully as possible in its activities.
  8. To be respectful of, and to cooperate with the other professions and trades which operate within the pet industry, in every way consistent with my other responsibilities.
  9. To obey all applicable Federal, State and local laws governing animal care and business practices.
  10. To operate my business in such a manner as to reflect honor upon the pet care services industry within my local community.
  11. To encourage responsible pet ownership, and to promote, especially through charitable programs of PCSA, an increased awareness and acceptance of humane and noble animal programs.

If at any time you feel that we have not lived up to these commitments, we sincerely urge you to bring the matter to our attention, or to the attention of the PCSA Ethics Committe at:

PCSA Ethics Committee
1702 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Toll Free: 877-570-7788
Local: 719-667-1600